Investor Relations

Entegris (NasdaqGS: ENTG) is a leader in yield-enabling products and materials for semiconductor and other advanced manufacturing environments. Headquartered in Billerica, Massachusetts, with manufacturing, laboratory, sales, and support facilities around the globe, Entegris is helping to make tomorrow’s technology products affordable and available today.

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Five things you should know about Entegris:

1. New mega-technology trends, such as AI, IoT, and Big Data to benefit Entegris

Semiconductor demand is being driven by “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” a new era which extends the impact of digitization in fields such as artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, Internet of Things, and Big Data. The result is a broadening of semiconductor demand beyond PCs and mobile phones. Whether its memory devices or advanced-logic chips, more semiconductor production means more demand for suppliers, such as Entegris.

2. Materials are critical to the next generations of semiconductor

Until recently, the semiconductor industry has kept to Moore’s Law by “shrinking” chip features to pack more transistors into a smaller area. For today’s most advanced chips, achieving faster, more powerful semiconductors that consume less power is increasingly dependent on new materials. These new high-value engineered materials need to be delivered at an even greater level of purity to achieve desired outcomes. The result is an expanding consumption of materials and an increasing need for more effective contamination control solutions. These trends are making Entegris an even more important part of the industry’s value chain.

3. Entegris’ unique breadth of technology is expanding its markets

Entegris has one of the broadest portfolio of solutions in the industry, from specialty engineered chemicals and gases to the most-advanced filtration solutions of its kind to the components that move and protect these materials through the supply chain. There is virtually no other company than can provide all these solutions under one roof. This full-spectrum offering allows Entegris to develop highly differentiated solutions, responding to customers’ challenges even faster.

4. Profit growth driven by focused execution and financial discipline

2018 was a record year for Entegris in terms of revenue, cash flow, and profits. Delivering profitable growth is a core goal. Entegris is relentless in its focus on operational execution and on being financially disciplined, which will continue to drive’s Entegris’ profitability.

5. Thoughtful capital allocation creates additional shareholder value.

Over the past 6 years, Entegris has allocated approximately $3 billion in capital allocation including acquisitions, R&D, repaying debt, capital expenditures, share buybacks, and dividends. Entegris strives to be good stewards of its shareholders’ capital, and pursues a thoughtful allocation strategy that balances making investments, expanding business, and returning available cash to shareholders in an effective manner.